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How do I find my players schedule on this Calendar?

Immediately below this there is a grey box that says "Currently selected Tags" with a drop down box.  Please click on the drop down box so that you can then scroll down the list to find the team your player is on.  Select that tag and a check mark will go into the box beside your players team.  If you have more then one player or team then you can select more then one team to have come up on your calendar. If you un-check the other teams you have no interest in, then the calendar will only produce what you want to see.

 All Box Rep Teams are tagged twice 1) under their 2017 team and 2) Minor Hawks. 

All Development League Teams are also tagged twice 1)under Development Teams and 2) Minor Hawks.

Paperweights are considered in the Development Teams  tag. Rep Paperweights will have time allotted to them at a later date.

All Rep Field Lacrosse Teams are tagged 3 times. 1) under Minor hawks 2) under OMFLL  or OWFL and 3) under the 2017 Field team name ie U11 Or Novice Field Hawks

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