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FYI we need to declare our Spring Field teams soon, we must have numbers by February 22nd to move forward.

Register now!! it's online and easy!!


On Friday March 30th (Easter weekend), the Rock will be hosting the Mammoth at 7:30 pm and the Hawks will have 2 teams representing us in the pre-game fun scrimmage.

We are looking for 2017 Tyke and Novice aged players which we will divide into green vs white. We must sell 100 tickets to take advantage of the floor time. Please share with family and friends so we can participate!

Lower bowl adult $31

Lower bowl youth $21

Upper general $16

Please email Carolyn with number of tickets requested, lower or upper bowl and if you have a child (player) able to participate. I will need payment by etransfer and ticket numbers before March 16th.

*I will send more information for participants in early March.

PLEASE NOTE: OMHA championship playdowns conclude on March 30th so unless your player is playing in game 5 of championship round on that date hockey should be completed prior to March 30th.

2018 Winter Skills & Drills Registration/Try Lacrosse

Registration is now online for this program!

*Please note it’s called “Try Lacrosse”

This is the same link as last year.  When you are registering you need to sign up as NEW MEMBER, unless you have played field lacrosse in the last 2 years, then you will use that login.  There is only one login for all our registration this year.  Once the rest of the registration is ready you will be able to go to the registration drop down and sign up for field or box (not ready yet).  There is a user Manuel on the registration page if you are having any troubles creating an account or registering. 

If you have any further questions please contact Keri @

Open Executive Positions

We currently have the following revised executive positions open at this time. 

~Sponsorship/Fundraising 1 year

~Director of Tournament 1 year

Please email Jay Rudge at for

further information on job descriptions or to apply.

Open Executive Positions for application


Please find below, a list of all vacant Executive & Director positions & the role descriptions.  To be considered as a candidate, please contact/email Jay Rudge, President (under the Executive contacts)prior to the AGM, as candidates cannot be nominated and voted on at the AGM. 

1) Secretary -  two year term 

The Secretary shall: 1) receive and disperse to all Executive Committee correspondence, 2) record attendance – drawing attention to section 4.06 if required 3) record and distribute minutes of all Executive, Board, Annual and Special Meetings of the HDMLA, within 21 days 4) assist other Board members with correspondence 5) Advise Executive Committee of meeting, dates, times and locations 6) in conjunction with the President devise, prepare and distribute an agenda in advance of the meeting 7) maintain the Procedural By Laws and operational Policy papers for any changes made that need to be ratified for the next AGM

Directors - all positions one year term 

  1. Director of Development Programs Box

 The Development Program Box Director shall: 1) be responsible for all aspects of the Association's Development Box program 2) This director will present the plan of this program at the November or December meeting to allow the prices to be set for the program and material purchased for such program. 3) this position will work with the Director of Player and Coaching Development, for the running of the Skills and Drills program the HDMLA runs in the winter time 4) arrange the team photographs for the Association 5) Co-ordinate collection of outstanding payments from players/members

  1. Director of Fundraising 

The Director - Fundraising shall: 1) recommend to the executive an activity or activities for fund raising purposes. 2) be responsible for paperwork and reports required by the Town of Huntsville for all raffles and lotteries. 3) keep a full accurate account of receipts and disbursements. 4) co-ordinate the teams in their fundraising efforts for their home tournament.

  1. Director of  Sponsorship/Apparel 

The Director - Sponsorship shall: 1) be responsible for all aspects of sponsorship, including solicitation of Development and Rep Team Sponsors, as well as Tournament sponsors. . 2) distribute Appreciation Pictures/Plaques to all HDMLA sponsors. 3) responsible for ordering/supplying/maintaining all apparel purchases for HDMLA

  1. Director of Tournaments

The Director - Tournaments shall: 1) be responsible for all aspects of Tournament administration for HDMLA. 2) be responsible for informing Director of Scheduling on any changes for HDMLA Tournament floor time required or cancelled. 3) be responsible for informing Referee-in-chief on any changes for HDMLA Tournament floor time required or cancelled. 4) be responsible for all required paperwork to be forwarded to OLA within the specified time period. 5) be responsible for all required fines/fees be forwarded to OLA within the specified time period. 6) co-ordinate with the Director-Fundraising and Director of Rep Box on the tournament for information purposes.

Please join us for: 

Huntsville District Minor Lacrosse
Annual General Meeting
Wednesday October 11th, 2017
Active Living Centre
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 

Official Notice

Huntsville Jr C Hawks
Annual General Meeting
September 27 2017
Upstairs in Active Living Centre
7:00 pm



Congratulations to our newest Team Ontario players, Kean Pare and Carson Robins!

Fan Gear is here!!


First order date is March 15th.

We have a few new items to be seen. 

Go to the Apparel tab and follow directions from there. 

Don't miss out on the deadlines.  

Let's support our players by wearing the fan gear on the sidelines of the field, in the stands or even in the grocery store 



2017 Spring Field Registration

Registration for 2017 Spring Field and Women’s field is open.

WE ARE LIVE for OMFLL Spring Field and OWFL Girls Field!

We are aiming for a team in each division for the Spring Field Season, but without registration we cannot guarantee this. 

The dead line to declare teams is fast approaching.
Teams need to be declared to the OMFLL by March 1st, 2017.
If you are thinking of registering, please go to the Registration tab on our Hawks website to get the link to

registration deadline:   April 14, 2017.

Divisions for the Spring season are U9, U11, U13, U15, U17.
This correlates with the Tyke, Novice, Peewee, Bantam and Midget age Divisions.

2017 LACROSSE REGISTRATION is now underway!

To register for 2017, your players' account must be in good standing with the HDMLA.


Details posted under - Minor Hawks - Registration Tab

Canada Summit Centre

Huntsville & District Minor Lacrosse "Home" Arena:

100 Park Drive
Huntsville, ON
P1H 1P5

HDMLA Mailing Address:

PO Box 5158

Huntsville, ON

P1H 2K6

Who will be the 2017 NLL Champions?