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2020 Coaching Application

Click here to apply! Deadline is Dec 16th

2020 Jack Bionda Shootout Registration

July 17-19th


We are looking for volunteers to fill the following positions! we currently have the following positions vacant: President*, Vice President*, Administrative Director, Director of Tournaments, Referee in Chief. All positions are open for applications and if we receive multiple applicants we will vote on it at our AGM on October 7th. Information on each role is listed below and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about joining us - please reach out to

Please click here to apply:


(Endorsements can be anyone from our Membership)


Effective as of 2016-2017 Committee, the following positions will have a 2-year term: President, Administrative Director (Treasurer/ Registrar) , Vice President and Secretary. To be eligible for President position, candidates must have a minimum of 2 years current Executive Committee and be in good standing with HDMLA. All other Executive Committee and BOD positions will have a 1-year term. The election of the Executive and BOD will be held at the AGM.


President - OPEN   (*Must have 2 years experience on Board)

The President shall: 

1) Appoint the chair for all Association, Executive, Board, Annual and Special Meeting, except the Grievance Committee 

2) oversee all the Association's business to see that it is conducted as directed by the Board, 

3) represent the Association at the Annual Meeting of the Ontario Lacrosse Association, 

4) be the main contact person for all matters dealing with the Ontario Lacrosse Association 

5) be a signing officer of the HDMLA, 

6) member of the grievance and executive committee

7) in conjunction with the Secretary, devise and prepare an agenda for circulation to the Executive Committee in advance of the next meeting, 

8) choose four (4) additional non-members of the HDMLA for the Coaching Selection Committee

9) arrange attendance for all zone 4 meetings

10) Pick up and disperse mail to appropriate contact


Past President - Jason Rudge

The Past President shall: 

1) be responsible for all matters requiring clarification from previous years. 

2) assist President and Vice President with duties. 


Vice President - OPEN (*Must have 1 year experience)

The Vice President shall: 

1) assist the President as needed 

2) act as liaison for sub committees and community groups 

3) is the HDMLA Privacy Officer, as defined by the OLA

4) Assist all positions as needed

5) Order and manage the year end banquet for the HDMLA

6) Co-ordinate member complaints with Program Director


Administrative Director (consists of following two roles) OPEN


 The Treasurer shall: 

1) be responsible for all the financial accounting of the HDMLA, 

2) sign all financial documents of the HDMLA, 

3) be responsible for the budget, 

4) be responsible for providing a detailed financial statement minimum of every 30 days as well as at each and every monthly executive meeting. If unable to attend meeting, detailed statement is to be provided to President for meeting. 

5) Co-ordinate with Program Directors for collection of outstanding payments from player/members


Registrar Box 

The Registrar shall: 

1) be responsible for organizing and completing the registration of all players, board members and bench personnel

2) maintain records for reference of their payment to take part 

3) maintain all personal information required of each player 

4) submit database to OLA of all registrants of HDML 

5) provide updated list to Director of Box of specific division numbers (and names if asked) within 48 hours of most recent registration

6) provide current member emails to the Program Director for purpose of adding to website for purpose of communication



Secretary - Jennifer Kingshott (Beginning second year of term)

The Secretary shall: 

1) receive and disperse to all Executive Committee correspondence, 

2) record attendance – drawing attention to section 4.06 if required 

3) record and distribute minutes of all Executive, Board, Annual and Special Meetings of the HDMLA, within 21 days

4) assist other Board members with correspondence 

5) Advise Executive Committee of meeting, dates, times and locations

6) in conjunction with the President devise, prepare and distribute an agenda in advance of the meeting

7) maintain the Procedural By Laws and operational Policy papers for any changes made that need to be ratified for the next AGM



Director – Player and Coach Development Box - Gus Liadis STANDING

The Director - Player/Coach Development shall: 

1) develop and/or supply programs/manuals to train and assist coaches. 

2) develop clinics and programs for all divisions

3) communication with the Referee-in-Chief and the Director of Development Programs on a regular basis. 

4) shall be a member of the Coaching Selection Committee 

5)  this position will work with the Director of Development Programs, for the running of the Try Lacrosse program the HDMLA runs in the wintertime

6) Conduct coaches exit interviews for all rep coaches

7) Coaches evaluations with the help of the Director of Rep teams to circulate to players and parents



Director – Rep Box Teams - Tania Quinlan STANDING

The Director – Rep Box Teams shall: 

1) be responsible for all aspects of the Association's Rep/Travel program. 

2) shall be the liaison between the Rep/Travel Team Managers and the Board of Directors

3) shall not sit as a bench personnel unless majority vote at a General meeting. 

4) have a meeting with the managers to review their duties 

5) arrange the team photographs for the Association for the Rep programs

6) Co-ordinate collection of outstanding payments from rep players/members 


Director – Field Lacrosse - Jason Rudge STANDING

The Director – Field Lacrosse shall: 

1) be responsible for all aspects of the Association's Field Lacrosse league, including player and coaching development

2) shall be a member of the Coaching Selection Committee 

3) present at November or December meeting the program details that Field Lacrosse will be running for cost analysis and fee structure to be set.

4) Assign a Field Registrar, which is a non- voting position. This position shall: 

a) be responsible for organizing and completing the registration of all field players, board members and bench personnel

b) maintain records for reference of their payment to take part 

c) maintain all personal information required of each player 

d) submit database to OLA of all registrants of HDMLA 

e) provide updated list to Director of Field of specific division numbers (and names if asked) within 48 hours of most recent registration purpose of communication

5)  Co-ordinate collection of outstanding payments from field players/members 


Asst. Director – Field Lacrosse - Steve Perentesis STANDING

The Asst. Director – Field Lacrosse shall: 

  1. assist the Director – Field Lacrosse for all aspects of the Association's Field Lacrosse league,  including player and coaching development
  2. arrange the Field team photographs for the Association


Director of Box Development Programs - Clayton Earl STANDING

The Development Program Box Director shall: 

  1. be responsible for all aspects of the Association's Development Box program
  2. This director will present the plan of this program at the November or December meeting to allow the prices to be set for the program and material purchased for such program.
  3. this position will work with the Director of Player and Coaching Development, for the running of the Try Lacrosse program the HDMLA runs in the winter time
  4. arrange the team photographs for the Association Development program
  5. Co-ordinate collection of outstanding payments from players/members 
  6. Shall be a member of the Coaching Selection Committee 



Director - Fundraising & Sponsorship - Jessica Sen STANDING

The Director - Fundraising shall: 

1) recommend to the executive an activity or activities for fund raising purposes. 

2) be responsible for paperwork and reports required by the Town of Huntsville for all raffles and lotteries. 

3) keep a full accurate account of receipts and disbursements.  

4)  co-ordinate the teams in their fundraising efforts for their home tournament. 

5) be responsible for all aspects of sponsorship, including solicitation of Development and Rep Team Sponsors, as well as Tournament sponsors. 

6) 2) distribute Appreciation Pictures/Plaques to all HDMLA sponsors. 


Director – Media & Communications - Carolyn Francis STANDING

The Director – Media & Communications shall: 

1) be responsible for regular press releases via current electronic technology

2) Co-ordinate all areas of publicity, advertising and public relations of the HDMLA, 

3) Develop and institute a promotional campaign to develop increased awareness of minor lacrosse, 

4) work closely with all Board Members to publicize and promote all future and ongoing programs of the HDMLA. 

5) be responsible for the content and management of the HDMLA Internet Web Page


Director – Scheduling - Julie Bennett STANDING

The Director - Scheduling shall: 

1) be responsible for all aspects of scheduling for HDMLA. 

2) be responsible for keeping Referee-in-chief/Director – Rep/Travel and Rep Team Managers informed of schedule/scheduling changes 

3) be responsible for attending Zone 4 scheduling meetings 


Director - Equipment & Apparel - Joe O'Halloran STANDING

The Director - Equipment shall: 

1) be responsible for equipment purchases, control assignments, storage, distribution and pick-up

2) obtain quotes and order sweaters as required by the HDMLA (preferably from local sponsors and suppliers) 

3) responsible for ordering/supplying/maintaining all apparel purchases for HDMLA


Director - Tournaments - OPEN

The Director - Tournaments shall: 

1) be responsible for all aspects of Tournament administration for HDMLA.

2) be responsible for informing Director of Scheduling on any changes for HDMLA Tournament floor time required or cancelled. 

3) be responsible for informing Referee-in-chief on any changes for HDMLA Tournament floor time required or cancelled.

4) be responsible for all required paperwork to be forwarded to OLA within the specified time period.

5) be responsible for all required fines/fees be forwarded to OLA within the specified time period.

6) co-ordinate with the Director-Fundraising and Director of Rep Box on the tournament for information purposes.


Referee in Chief /Referee Assignor - OPEN

The Referee-In-Chief shall: 

1) Assign timekeepers for all games 

2) Ensure that all home games have referees 

3) Be responsible for officials and courses and on-going instruction, education and upgrading of officials, in the case of only having a Referee Assigner, then this will fall to the Zone RIC

4) Have all games assigned to referees for the season one week prior to the season start and submit to the Director of Rep Box with the contact/phone numbers of the referees assigned.




Box Lacrosse Program Survey

Please take a few moments to answer the questions above. We would like to know what the interest would be in having a fall/winter box league. This would consist of 9 week program: practices plus games. This program will only be successful if we have full commitment from the players as the roster will be small. Goalies will be an important piece to the program.



Return to play is here. HDMLA is offering a four-week program to sharpen your skills starting Monday August 10th. 

Conroy Park


August 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st Extended to include Sept 14th & 21th



5:30-6:20 U9/U11

6:30-7:20 -U13/U15/U17

7:30-8:30 – Open for new players



$30 (no cash payments)



online only (there will be NO walk ins allowed). Registrations must be in by the Saturday prior to be able to attend on the Monday session immediately after. We need time to organize groups. – registration:

  *Previously registered players use program 2020 RTA - Refunded/Cancelled, new players use 2020 RTA - New Members


  • All players must be registered to play
  • Small training group will be assigned
  • *limited space - register now
  • Social distancing protocol is in place
  • No contact 
  • Helmets, gloves, sticks only

Our RTS plan will be sent out to all members to review


*Program is subject to change or be cancelled due to player participation


If you have any questions please email Keri Black @ for more information on how to register


 Huntsville Minor Lacrosse

Update as of June 12,2020


We held out hope, but with great sadness we must post the cancellation of the 2020 box season. We want to thank our families, players, and sponsors for your patience through this pandemic. 

As a club, we are all disappointed but hold out hope that we can provide some sort of training or field development program through the late summer months when it is safe to do so.  The OLA is working on a return to play plan for the next lacrosse opportunity in which we can all safely participate.

With the cancellation of our box program, we will be offering refunds or 2021 credits to you. If you would like a credit for the 2021 season please notify Keri Black (treasurer). If your mailing address may have changed please let us know.  Cheques will be mailed to the addresses on your Sportzsoft accounts (registration site). Please be patient as this process will take some time. 

We hope all our Hawks families are staying safe and healthy.

Keep your sticks in your hands we will be back!

From the executive of HDMLA

April 15th UPDATE

The impact of COVID-19 has been significant on us all. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through these unprecedented times. We hope all our Hawks families are staying safe and healthy.

As a club, we are in constant communication with the OLA, Zone 4 and the town of Huntsville to gather all the necessary information to make decisions and fact-baring directives to our membership.  We would like to ensure you all that we are looking at different contingency plans for our programs. We will keep you updated via our social media sites and website on our direction. 

Spring Field Lacrosse (OMFLL) Update

The OMFLL continues to plan for the Fall season. The OMFLL and OLA are in discussions about the opportunity of moving the Spring Field season to the end of the summer / beginning of the fall. The OLA BOD has made the decision to offer all division from U9-U17 the opportunity to play in a summer/fall league. This is being discussed further as we move ahead. If this happens, registration will reopen and be open to any additional players that may wish to participate.

The HDMLA is aware of the difficulties that the COVID-19 pandemic has on all of us, we have decided to issue 100% refunds or credits to all our Spring Field registrants.

Development Update

Since the town of Huntsville has indicated to us that the arena will not be available until May 31st, we have postponed the start of our Development season.  We hope that we will be able to offer modified versions of our Development program later as we approach the summer. We will communicate the details of the modified program to you as soon as we can. 

If and when we can offer modified Development programs, we will open new registration products for those interested in participating.

In the interim, because we have postponed our Development program, we will be offering refunds or credits to you. Please notify Keri Black (treasurer) if you would like a refund or credit.  

Box Rep Update

The HDMLA board will continue to deliberate and follow the OLA guidance regarding Box Rep programs.  Since the Box Rep program runs through the summer months, we are waiting direction from the OLA. The OLA is working hard to come up with a modified season.   All in-person lacrosse activity has been postponed until May 31st, including our annual Hawksfest (Tag Day). We will look at rescheduling Hawksfest at a time that is safer for our families. All tournaments held in May ONLY have been cancelled.

Our executive has not made any decisions on Box refunds at this moment.

Stay safe and keep your sticks in your hand!

From the executive of HDMLA

We hope that everyone is safe during these uncertain times as we battle together as a community to help flatten the curve with the hope to get back to normalcy soon.


With OLA & OMFLL direction coming out yesterday we just wanted to reach out in hopes to answer any questions you may have.  


Full statement links

OLA statement 

OMFLL statement


May 15th is the new tentative start date for lacrosse to resume as per Ontario Government & OLA direction.  This does causes our spring field season to be cancelled with the hopes to have some field lacrosse possible in late summer/fall.  As we receive more details from the OMFLL we will make sure to push out to you.  


As the cancellation of our field season we are committed to working with our members and offer you all options for a full refund.  (Refunds at this time are only for Field registration fees) 


option A. Full refund

option B. Credit on account 


You will automatically receive a credit on your account and will not have to do anything additional for this credit.  If you are looking for a refund please contact our treasure - Keri Black ( Please note it will take our volunteers a few days to begin the process, your patience is appreciated.


Our executive is currently working with the Town of Huntsville to put together updated plans and schedules which will be updated on our website ASAP.  We are optimistic that we will see our young athletes on the 'Jack' soon and will do everything we can to help this happen.  


Please reach out to myself ( with any concerns or questions.  We will keep all updated via email and social media when we receive further information.  


Please stay safe out there as we need to continue to work together to make our community safe again for our families.



HDMLA - President 


1 Concorde Gate, Suite 200-C Toronto, Ontario M3C 3N6


As COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to make headlines both here in Ontario and around the world, our hearts go out to those affected. We want everyone to know that they are part of the Ontario lacrosse community, and that we care about your health and safety above all else.

We are closely following news reports and monitoring the impact that this situation is having across the province. Because we live and work in the amateur sports community, we understand the concerns raised by our members, especially considering the rising number of postponed events, programs and educational opportunities throughout the province. With the ongoing developments related to COVID-19 and the concerns that people are sharing over its transmission, it’s important that we all work together to prevent and eradicate it as quickly as possible.

Although the Public Health Agency of Canada maintains that the risk associated with contracting COVID-19 is low for Canadian citizens, the situation remains fluid and could change day-to-day. As of today, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to direct our leagues to pause all sanctioned in-person lacrosse activities (try-outs, training sessions, scrimmages, practices, games, etc.) effective immediately and until April 5th, 2020. Online activities, including promotion, registration and planning may continue during this period. In the meantime, we intend to continue preparing for the upcoming season while monitoring the situation. We encourage our members to visit for the latest news, updates and return-to-program information as we approach the 2020 season.

Up-to-date risk assessment information and other resources published by the Canadian government related to COVID-19 can be found here. The Ontario Lacrosse Association reminds everyone to consider good hygienic practices and safe contact in order to maintain a healthy environment. We are grateful for your understanding and your desire to begin the 2020 season as soon as it is safe to do so.

Keep your sticks in your hands; we’ll be back soon.


M. Ladouceur

Marion Ladouceur OLA President

On behalf of the OLA Board of Governors

March 13, 2020

HDMLA will be selling these 2021 Calendars for $20 as a fundraising initiative this year! Stay tuned for how to get yours!

Bruce Codd of the OLA will be visiting 4 local schools starting on March 9th!! He will be teaching kids to play lacrosse as part of their gym class. We encourage the kids to wear their Hawks shirts and take their stick to school this week.


Hey Hawks families - we are excited to announce some new coaching selections:

Novice 1 - Jon Quinlan

Peewee 2 - Adam Renton

U13 - Frank Horvat

HDMLA would like to thank them for volunteering!


Paperweight - Open

Tyke Andrew Pegg

U9 Andrew Pegg

Novice Minor Mike French

Novice Major - Open

U11 Jon Quinlan

Peewee 1- Gus Liadis 

Peewee 2 - Open

U13 Open

Bantam - Chad Pare-Coach

U15-Steve Perentesis - Coach

Midget - Open

U17 - Open

*Anyone interested in Open coaching positions please reach out with an email message to by January 31st. 


ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Please note payment by credit card only. Box Rep program fee will rise $50 on March 1st! There will be in person registration available at the Summit Centre on: Wed Jan 22nd 6-8 pm Tues Feb 18th 6-8 pm Tues March 24th 6-8 pm Any questions please contact


We would really appreciate your help to select our 2020 Coaches!! We need to hear your feedback from the 2019 Box Rep & Field seasons. Please fill in the quick survey below to share your experience with us. THANK YOU!


....a change to rename the box lacrosse age categories to 16U, 14U, etc., was passed at the CLA’s annual meeting in November. It is the CLA’s intent to have the new age categories implemented for the start of the 2020 lacrosse season.

Annual General Meeting

The above proposed amendments will be voted on during the AGM on Oct. 8th.

Intentions/Applications for 2019/2020 Executive Positions:

President: Jason Rudge (1 year into 2 year term)

Vice President: Lesley Reynolds (1 year into 2 year term)

Administrative Director: Keri Black (1 year into 2 year term)

Secretary: Open

Past President: Cory Veitch

Director of Development: Clayton Earl

Director of Player/Coach Development: Gus Liadis

Director of Box Rep Lacrosse: Tania Quinlan

Director of Field Lacrosse: Jason Rudge

Assistant Director of Field Lacrosse: Steve Perentesis

Director of Scheduling: Open

Director of Equipment: Joe O'Halloran

Director of Media & Communications: Carolyn Francis

Referee in Chief (or Assignor): Open

Director of Sponsorship & Fundraising: APPLICANTS - Julie Bennett and Jessica Sen

Director of Tournaments: Open

Any positions with multiple applicants will be voted on at AGM. 



Award Nominations are DUE NOW!

Jim Bishop Award: outstanding contribution to the development of lacrosse.

Emailed to Lesley Reynolds at


Kirk Evans Award: Most Inspirational Player (Bantam & Midget)

Emailed to Kevin Knox at


Elva Stinson Award:   Elva Stinson was considered to be the biggest fan of lacrosse that Huntsville has ever seen. So this award is given to the person that embodies the spirit of lacrosse and lives for every aspect of the game. 

Emailed to Lesley Reynolds at


*Deadline for these nominations to be in will be August 1*


AWARDS TO BE PRESENTED AT THE BANQUET ON AUGUST 26th at 6pm @ The Active Living Centre. 

Borrow this book from HDMLA to learn more about lacrosse!

Lacrosse has been a central element of Indigenous cultures for centuries, but once non-Indigenous players entered the sport, it became a site of appropriation – then reclamation – of Indigenous identities. The Creator's Game focuses on the history of lacrosse in Indigenous communities from the 1860s to the 1990s, exploring Indigenous–non-Indigenous relations and Indigenous identity formation. While the game was being appropriated in the process of constructing a new identity for the nation-state of Canada, it was also being used by Indigenous peoples to resist residential school experiences, initiate pan-Indigenous political mobilization, and articulate Indigenous sovereignty. This engaging and innovative book provides a unique view of Indigenous self-determination and nationhood in the face of settler-colonialism.  


Hawks Fest '19

OMFLL Provincials Schedule

U11 (A)


vs Orangeville1 -  11am Turf 5B

vs Mimico - 3pm Turf 5B

vs Halton 1 - 7pm Turf 5A


1st/2nd pool crossover - 11am

Final - 2pm


U13 (D)


vs Northhumberland - 10:30am Sr. 2

vs Clarington 2 - 2.15pm Sr. 2

vs Whitby 2 - 6pm Sr. 3


1st/2nd crossover - 10.45am

Final 4.15pm


U15 (C)


vs Centre Wellington - 12:30 Cassie Campbell 1

vs Hamilton - 5pm Junior 1-2


vs Six Nations - 8am Sr 7

1st/2nd crossover - 12.30pm

Final 5pm


U17 (D)


vs Oakville 2 - 2pm Football 2

vs Hamilton 2 - 6.30pm Football 2


2nd/3rd Crossover 9.30am

1st vs winner of crossover 2pm

Final 6pm


No news currently found.

FIELD Lacrosse Tryouts BEGIN the week of March 25th

Register now for the 2019 Spring Field Lacrosse Season!

Tryouts begin INDOORS at the JACK the week of March 25th - see the Calendar for details!  You must be registered to attend tryouts.

Did you know?

  • Field lacrosse is a short season starting April 13th and ending on Victoria Day weekend
  • teams play 2 games per day 
  • U9, U11, U13 play Saturday
  • U15 and U17 play Sunday



We have had so much success with our try lacrosse program that we have a really large group of kids wanting to try it.


We would like to split the group up into ages so your little players can get more out of these sessions.


The birth years (already registered for try lacrosse)


2012-2007 (tyke to peewee) will be on Feb 4th - 6-7 *CANCELLED due to snow day - Rescheduled to March 4th!!


2015-2013 (paperweight) will be on Feb 25th - 6-7 * CANCELLED due to snow day


This is for "new" player this year only. Both these session are now full.


We are looking to add another date, please stay tuned.


Please email with your intentions at



HDMLA Registrar

2019 Hawks Coaches

HDMLA is proud to announce the following coaches for the 2019 season:

Tyke Minor (2) - Andrew Pegg | 
Tyke Major (1) - Steve Perentesis |
Tyke - Steve Perentesis

Novice Minor (2) - Jeff Higgs |
Novice Major (1) - Kory Shirtliff |
Novice  - Kory Shirtliff

U11 - Jon Quinlan

Peewee - Joe O'Halloran |

U13 - Chad Pare |

Bantam - Ken Robins |

U15 - Ross Clarke |

Midget - Cory Veitch |

U17 - Jason Rudge |



Huntsville Hawks

The Objectives of the HDMLA are:

1) to promote, develop and govern minor lacrosse within the HDMLA Boundaries
2) promote the interest and participation in the sport of lacrosse
3) arrange tournaments and competitions and establish prizes, grants and awards
4) promote the principles of good sportsmanship
5) promote and enhance instructions, displays and exhibits of lacrosse skills


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Zoom meeting.

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