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Coaching Clinics

For the 2024 season, these are the minimum requirements for all bench personnel: Coaches must be properly NCCP-certified for the age division that they are coaching. Coaches must be properly registered with the OLA through Sportzsoft. The Making Headways concussion training module is mandatory, and the Making Ethical Decisions training module is highly recommended. Bench personnel over the age of 18 must complete their screening requirements according to the OLA's Screening Policy. Teams must also have a prepared emergency action plan that is accessible at any event that they are participating in.

2024 Jack Bionda Shootout Registration

Registration is NOW OPEN!

2024 Referee Clinics

NOW OPEN! Here is the link to register for the 2024 Referee Clinics

Registration Update!

Hello Hawks!

Happy New Year!

We are very excited to announce that Registration for the 2024 Box Lacrosse & Spring Field season is now open!

Please note the following changes to our programming in 2024.

Development/House League:

The following changes only apply to the Paperweight to U17 ages groups. No changes to the Soft Paperweight program in 2024.

  • Teams will play a game every Saturday during the 6 week program
  • Ends with a fun tournament on June 8th at the Huntsville Summit Center

Paperweight Rep:

  • Practices start in early May instead of June
  • Games will be scheduled as soon as the team is established

If you wish to participate in Paperweight Rep, please register for Rep instead of HL (Development)

U22 Box Rep:

  • New this year!
  • For ages 17-21
  • Runs the same as all other ages of Box Rep
  • Practices will be 1.5hrs each 
  • Ends with Provincials at the beginning of August in the Whitby area

U15 & U17 Box Rep:

  • Practices will be increased to 1.5hrs each from 1hr in 2024

Try Lacrosse registration will be open soon!

Anyone who would like to volunteer as an assistant coach, trainer, team manager, house league coach, or on-floor helper must be registered on Sportzsoft and provide the necessary credentials to the HDMLA & OLA before being approved to be on the floor.

All participants must register by following this link (SportzSoft Member Login) or go to our website and follow the registration link.

For more information, please see the attached information sheets.

Questions? Please respond to this email or contact Corrine Francis

***All registrations must be complete & paid in full before the participants first scheduled floor time***

Non-Sanctioned Participation Policy Placed On Hold for 2024


Written Dec 31

Earlier today, the OLA’s Board of Directors accepted the following recommendation from a majority of minor lacrosse league governors in response to the revised unsanctioned participation policy:

To fully delay the enactment of the non-sanctioned participation policy for the 2024 season, which will allow for detailed consultation from stakeholders to ensure that policy needs and objectives are met.

As a result, this policy is formally tabled for further consideration in order to define fairness for all OLA stakeholders. A consultation period has been suggested for amendments and clarifications over the next several months, which allows club presidents and league representatives to gather clear feedback for submission and consideration of all facets. While supportive of the policy’s general objectives, concerns regarding implementation, reporting and extenuating circumstances were accepted as valid foundations for further club participation in this process; including opportunities to amend, revise or enact such decisions in a manner that encourages player development opportunities with reputable organizations. With acceptance of this recommendation, the Board of Directors reaffirmed commitment to serving the long-term goals of the OLA. 

The decision to delay implementation of this policy does not affect Regulation 6.07 or any other membership conditions or restrictions which were approved in 2021 and 2022, but it does narrow the scope to Junior participants only, which has been historically established by special resolution of the membership. Such measures will be applied as impacts are identified.


Hawksfest 2024 (tagday)

Saturday, May 25th, 2024 - All-day

The Hawks will be out on the town asking for support for their teams.

*Please check your junk mail for emails




Development Games -TBA



Get your hawks gear!

Under the home tab - go to the Hawks apparel tab to order.


The tryout schedule is OUT on the Box Rep page as well as the Calendar

See the calendar for important dates for try lacrosse, Box Rep tryouts and the first field practices. 

*All days and time are subject to change


Must be registered to play!

Registration link

Watch for more information to come for in person registrations

See the registration tab for all your 2024 season information.  Make sure you register before the fees go up. 

Any questions contact: Corrine Francis |



BOX Coaches Field Coaches
U9 John Dinner U9 John Dinner
U11 Tom Cowden U11 Tom Cowden
U13 Chad Schmeler U13 Andrew Pegg
U15 Jeff Higgs
U17 Jon Brown U17 Keri Black/Jason Rudge

Borrow this book from HDMLA to learn more about lacrosse!

Lacrosse has been a central element of Indigenous cultures for centuries, but once non-Indigenous players entered the sport, it became a site of appropriation – then reclamation – of Indigenous identities. The Creator's Game focuses on the history of lacrosse in Indigenous communities from the 1860s to the 1990s, exploring Indigenous–non-Indigenous relations and Indigenous identity formation. While the game was being appropriated in the process of constructing a new identity for the nation-state of Canada, it was also being used by Indigenous peoples to resist residential school experiences, initiate pan-Indigenous political mobilization, and articulate Indigenous sovereignty. This engaging and innovative book provides a unique view of Indigenous self-determination and nationhood in the face of settler-colonialism.  


Huntsville Hawks

The Objectives of the HDMLA are:

1) to promote, develop and govern minor lacrosse within the HDMLA Boundaries
2) promote the interest and participation in the sport of lacrosse
3) arrange tournaments and competitions and establish prizes, grants and awards
4) promote the principles of good sportsmanship
5) promote and enhance instructions, displays and exhibits of lacrosse skills

2024 Schedule

Zone 4 Box Scheduling meeting is March 20.  The  practice and game schedule will be posted as soon as possible after that. Aiming for March 22.


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Paperweight (2019, 2018)

U9 (2017, 2016)

U11 (2015, 2014)

U13 (2013-2012)

U15 (2011,2010)

U17 (2009, 2008)

OMHA Article

An article from this year that showcases why kids that specialize in one sport early on is a bad idea.

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